Title: What is the meaning of life?  


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Acknowledgements and Copyright

The contribution of the following is acknowledged with gratitude:

1. PCfRE (Professional Council for RE), which has sponsored the National RE Festival, encouraged the dissemination of results, and funded the development of this database as an additional resource.

2. BFSS and Saint Gabriel's Trust who have provided generous funding for research and curriculum development using the results of the 1997 Questionnaire.

3. BFSS RE Centre at Brunel University who handled, catalogued and now stores the original festival questionnaires. Access to the original samples is open at the centre.

BFSS National RE Centre
Brunel University
Osterley Campus
Borough Road

4. Lat Blaylock, PCFRE Executive Officer and RE Today Professional Advisory Team, who initiated and supported the development of the National RE Festival data into a searchable database.

5. Anne Pringuer, RE teacher and subject specialist, who selected the (1997) records for inclusion in this database, ensuring a representative sample of age, gender, and religious affiliation.

6. Rosemary Rivett, RE Adviser, RE Today Professional Advisory Team, for developing a graphical user interface for the database and providing support material for using the database.

7. Becta, for technical and professional support in the development of the database as a teaching and learning resource.

8. Melchior Telematics, who developed the online implementation of the database.


Use of records held in this database may be made by teachers and pupils in the pursuance of educational activities. When extracts are included in other documents (e.g. a work sheet) this must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the source.

No part of the database may be reproduced, copied, adapted in any way or stored in any other format.

Questions about copyright should be made in writing to:

1020 Bristol Road
Selly Oak
B29 6LB

Email: retoday@retoday.org.uk

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