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Sex, Marriage & Divorce

PromiscuousNelly FurtadoThis song is a duet between Furtado and Timbaland, who produced the album. The lyrics are a flirtation between the two, typical of a couple who meets at a dance club or other social gathering. They are both sexually active, but the girl doesn't want the guy to take advantage of her and think of her as a slut, so even though she is attracted to him, she will tease him and test him to make sure he has strong "game," meaning he is a good talker and exudes confidence. As the song progresses, he proves himself and she agrees that they both want the same thing. At this point, there is no need to play games, as he has passed the test.4m:04sPlay Music in pop-up window
Everyday I Love You Less and LessKaiser Chiefs
Divorce/Marriage Breakdown.
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I Don't Want To Miss A ThingAerosmith
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One Night StandMis-Teeq
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From This Moment Shania Twain
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Forever and AlwaysShania Twain
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Big Girls Don't CryFergie
Ending a relationship. This song evokes the feelings of breaking up with someone and remembering what they were like. Fergie sings about shelter and clarity - she needs some time to figure out what it is she wants and needs. Although she is mature and grown up, she still feels like a child, especially when she is alone and scared. She will miss the person that left, but her tears are not just for her, but also for him.
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Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy Division
This was written as a cynical response to "Love Will Keep Us Together" by The Captain & Tennille. Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis wrote it at a horrendous time in his life when his marriage was breaking up. This was released in April, 1980, and like their other singles, it didn't chart. A month later, depressed over a broken marriage and poor health, Ian Curtis hanged himself.
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What Would You Do?City High
Promiscuity/Teenage Pregnancy.
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How To Save A LifeThe Fray
Relationship break-up.
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ShiverNatalie Imbruglia
Ending a relationship.
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This song is about a woman who is cheating on her man, and realizes that he knows. She starts to regret the affair because of what it's doing to him. 
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Family PortraitPink
Effects of divorce/family break up.
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