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Who Will Save Your SoulJewelJewel wrote this when she was 16. She traveled a lot in those days, and took a trip to Mexico where she hitchhiked around the country. She was amazed to see how many people looked like they were waiting for someone to save them.4m:01sPlay Music in pop-up window
HeroChad Kroeger feat. Josey ScottSoundtrack to the film, Superman 2.3m:25sPlay Music in pop-up window
You Found MeKelly ClarksonNo-one is beyond redemption.3m:51sPlay Music in pop-up window
How To Save A LifeThe Fray

In an interview with USA Today , lead singer Isaac Slade explained that he wrote this song about an experience he had working at a camp for troubled youths: "One of the kids I was paired up with was a musician. Here I was, a protected suburbanite, and he was just 17 and had all these problems. And no one could write a manual on how to save him. I got a lot of email about it. One kid died in a car accident, and I guess it had been the last song he downloaded from his computer. They played it at his funeral, and some of his friends got 'Save a life' tattooed on their arms. The response has been overwhelming."

4m:29sPlay Music in pop-up window
S.O.S (Rescue Me)RihannaS.O.S. is the Morse code signal for distress, chosen because it is a simple series of 3 dots ("S") followed by 3 dashes ("O"), and 3 more dots that can be repeated over and over until someone hears it. It was used in the days when the telegraph was used for communication, and while those days are long gone, the phrase "S.O.S." continues to be used as a symbol of distress.4m:01sPlay Music in pop-up window
Help is Round the CornerColdplay2m:40sPlay Music in pop-up window
Rescue MeMadonna5m:32sPlay Music in pop-up window