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Religion / Spirituality

OneU2Spiritual oneness.4m:38sPlay Music in pop-up window
Billy BrownMikaWhat things often take the place of religion in people's lives?3m:18sPlay Music in pop-up window
Pride (In The Name of Love)U2About the death of Dr Martin Luther King Jnr.4m:07sPlay Music in pop-up window
All God's Children Belinda CarlisleLove.3m:44sPlay Music in pop-up window
Run OnMoby3m:45sPlay Music in pop-up window
Praise YouFatboy Slim5m:52sPlay Music in pop-up window
Better In TimeLeona LewisQuest for better life or self improvement.3m:48sPlay Music in pop-up window
The MasterplanOasisThis song, written in a Japanese hotel room, is considered by Noel Gallagher and fans alike to be one of his best works. The lyrics were inspired by the hotel's long corridor and what Gallagher described as a "Good, relaxing smoke." When asked about what the song meant to him, Noel responded: "To me this sums up your journey through life. All we know is that we don't know."5m:39sPlay Music in pop-up window
Jesus WalksKanye WestThis song talks about society, racism, and war with ourselves. It decries what rappers typically talk about, which is sex, drugs and money.4m:07sPlay Music in pop-up window
All Good BooksPaul WellerPaul Weller "It's about people using The Bible or The Koran for their own ends. All those prophets were pretty much saying the same thing: love your brother, respect the earth. The way it's all corrupted for man's sake - for material reasons. All things that are the antithesis of what those books are saying. It doesn't mean I'm converted, quite the opposite. I believe in The Blake thing. That God is within if there's any notion of him."3m:44sPlay Music in pop-up window
40U2Bono opened a bible, read from Psalm 40 of Psalms of David, and they put it to music.2m:40sPlay Music in pop-up window
The ReasonHoobastank4m:11sPlay Music in pop-up window
Faraway VoiceKatie Melua3m:10sPlay Music in pop-up window