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Praying For TimeGeorge MichaelIn this despairing and somber song, George Michael offers the healing passage of time as the only relief for the many who are suffering poverty and injustice.4m:35sPlay Music in pop-up window
Sadness Part 1Enigma4m:16sPlay Music in pop-up window
The CeltsEnya3m:06sPlay Music in pop-up window
Dear GodSarah McLachlanSong is essentially a letter to God asking about his existence.3m:56sPlay Music in pop-up window
A Prayer For EveryoneBelinda CarlisleEquality.4m:22sPlay Music in pop-up window
A Prayer for EnglandMassive Attack5m:50sPlay Music in pop-up window
Forgive Them, FatherLauryn HillIn this song, Lauryn talks about fake people who will turn on you to advance their own cause, and how Karma will catch up with them.5m:15sPlay Music in pop-up window
Prayer ChangesR Kelly6m:23sPlay Music in pop-up window
Prayer For the DyingSealSeal said that he wrote this song for a friend who was dying from AIDS. He clearly states in the first line -"careless needles."4m:12sPlay Music in pop-up window
Mea CulpaEnigma5m:00sPlay Music in pop-up window
A Little Less ConversationElvis Presley vs JXLPrayer can be about words and actions!3m:49sPlay Music in pop-up window
Open ArmsJourneyAlthough this song is about a couple who drifted apart but found each other again and realized how much they love each other it can be used for showing how a religious person goes before God.3m:28sPlay Music in pop-up window
KyrieMr MisterKyrie Eleison is Greek for "Lord, have mercy." It is used as a prayer in both Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox services. Greek was the original language of the New Testament and it was later translated in to Latin.4m:15sPlay Music in pop-up window
I PrayLonestar3m:50sPlay Music in pop-up window
BlessedSimon & Garfunkel3m:18sPlay Music in pop-up window
Faraway VoiceKatie Melua3m:10sPlay Music in pop-up window
When You BelieveThe Prince of Egypt SoundtrackIn the film, this song of inspiration is performed by the characters Tzipporah (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Miriam (sung by Sally Dworsky). The protagonists of this ballad recall tough times that have them questioning their faith: they have prayed for many nights to God but those prayers seem to remain unanswered, and they wonder if they are wasting their time. Nevertheless, they realize that although times may be difficult, "there can be miracles when you believe" in God.4m:23sPlay Music in pop-up window
Millennium PrayerCliff RichardThis song is the words of The Lord's Prayer ("Our father, who art in heaven...) with the tune of "Auld Lang Syne." The song's writer Paul Field was watching Princess Diana's funeral at a service station, on a large screen along with a large crowd. As the The Lord's Prayer was recited, many joined in. Paul realized that although this was a secular age with falling church attendances, most people were familiar with The Lord's Prayer. Inspired by that thought he set it to the tune of the traditional hymn "Auld Lang Syne" for a church musical, Hopes And Dreams. A CD was recorded, using Cliff Richard, whom Paul knew. Cliff decided to record it as a single to tie in with the Christmas period and the Millennium celebrations. He reasoned that as The Lord's Prayer celebrated Christmas and "Auld Lang Syne" the turn of the year, it would make an excellent single.4m:38sPlay Music in pop-up window