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You'll Be In My HeartPhil Collins4m:18sPlay Music in pop-up window
GodJohn LennonLennon wrote this about the worship of false idols. He felt organized religion did more harm than good. In "Imagine," he sang about a better world where there was "no religion." Lennon was not an atheist, but believed that god was something different to everyone. He also believed that people focus too much on the teacher (God) rather than what is supposed to be taught. In songs like this and "Imagine," Lennon's was trying to send the message that we should not let religion and other things get in the way of how we think life should be lived. In "Imagine," "Living for today" means to live as if there is no afterlife or god and to do the best you can. In this song, "I just believe in me" states his belief in his life regardless of anything else.4m:07sPlay Music in pop-up window
Star Wars Theme SongGood background music for looking at images on the nature of God or for considering the power of God.2m:12sPlay Music in pop-up window
Dear GodSarah McLachlanThe song is essentially a letter to God asking about his existence.3m:55sPlay Music in pop-up window
I BelieveFrankie Laine

'I believe that someone in that great somewhere hears
every word'. The lyrics for this song relate well to arguments for
design, and demonstrate why people may be led to belief in God. 

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