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Evil & Suffering

Bridge Over Troubled WaterSimon and GarfunkelPaul Simon wrote this about providing comfort to a person in need. It started as a modest Gospel hymn but became more dramatic as he put it together.5m:30sPlay Music in pop-up window
Dear GodXTCThis song presents a human argument against the idea of God as an infallible, all powerful, all loving being. It cites contradictions in the Bible, the existence of suffering and the use of religion to control and manipulate.3m:43sPlay Music in new browser window
Letter from God to ManDan le Sac vs. Scroobius PipThis provides a theodicy for pupils studying the problem of evil; it presents the response of God to charges that he has either abandoned his creation or allowed it - especially humans - to experience needless suffering.3m:49sPlay Music in new browser window
Where Is The Love?The Blackeyed PeasGood to use with images of different types of suffering. This is about the state of post 9/11 world, which all but calls for US withdrawal from Iraq. Group member Ron Fair started writing it late in 2001, and another member, Will.I.Am, added the socially-conscious lyrics.4m:13sPlay Music in pop-up window
Dear GodMonsters of FolkUseful as an introduction to evil and suffering. 5m:12sPlay Music in new browser window
Blessed are the PeacemakersKarl Jenkins

An atmospheric piece of music suitable for reflection on
the importance of peace.

3m:45sPlay Music in new browser window
Everybody HurtsR.E.M.This is an anti-suicide song. Berry wanted to reach out to people who felt they had no hope. 5m:36sPlay Music in pop-up window