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Star Trek Theme1m:22sPlay Music in pop-up window
Twilight Zone Theme0m:30sPlay Music in pop-up window
Fields of GoldEva CassidyThis symbolizes how there is no turning back on what ever issue may be present.5m:08sPlay Music in pop-up window
Who Wants To Live ForeverQueenQueen was commissioned to write this for the movie Highlander, and Brian May wrote it after watching the first cut of the film. He wrote the line "Who wants to live forever" in a cab on his way home from the viewing of the film. Inspiration came from the scene where Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert) takes his dying wife Heather (Biettie Edney) in his arms at the time of her death. This is also the scene where the song is played.4m:12sPlay Music in pop-up window
On My Way HomeEnya5m:10sPlay Music in pop-up window
Last Dance (Instrumental)Sarah McLachlan2m:37sPlay Music in pop-up window
Tears In HeavenEric ClaptonWritten after the sudden death of his 4 year old son Connor, following a fall from a high rise window.4m:08sPlay Music in pop-up window
Spirit in the SkyDoctor and the MedicsGreenbaum (songwriter) set out to write a religious rock song. He is Jewish, but instead of using a Jewish word for God, he used "Jesus" because he thought it would be more marketable.3m:23sPlay Music in pop-up window
Death Is Not The EndThe Waterboys4m:08sPlay Music in pop-up window
AngelsRobbie WilliamsFaith has always been part of humanity. It has given many people hope, strength and peace to battle the hardships they have endured in their lives. The lyrics, in the ballad Angel, dramatically express how the composer has triumphed over pain and sorrow because of his never-ending faith in God. He expresses his enlightenment in this song by exquisite use of symbolism, form, theme and diction. Symbolism in Williams’ Angel is the single-most crucial device in this ballad. Throughout this entire piece, Williams’ continuously referrers to angels. This is because angels are saviors and messengers of God; the repeating phrase “I’m loving angels instead” alludes to Williams’ optimistic look upon grief and pain. Instead of dwelling on thoughts of suffering and sorrow, thinking of a higher power can overpower negative thinking to bring one to a happier state of mind. Williams’ also questions the after-life in the first stanza, by using angels as a symbol. He questions if angels know “the places where we go, when we’re grey and old”; thus, angels also symbolize hope in this poem, by giving insight on what might happen after d Rather than using general stanzas, Williams’ ballad is set up with two versus and a chorus.  Angels truly captures how faith and reassurance in God can uplift almost any heart.  In a whole, this statement ties in with a healthy relationship with God. Spiritual enlightenment is the theme of Angels; although written about Christian faith, this ballad can be interpreted in many ways according to how the reader feels. The word “salvation” used in Angel is more effective than just simply using the word “saved”, because salvation has a deeper meaning; moreover, salvation is not only spiritual but is emotional as well: redemption by God.  The use of this word emphasizes Williams’ blossoming beliefs of how faith in the Lord can wash away pain. Williams’ effectively denotes how hope and faith in God can help anyone get through catastrophe, simply by writing a passionate piece of literature straight from his heart.  In Christian faith, God is light, happiness, strength, courage and love.  When a person believes in the Lord, they can overcome any obstacle, big or small.4m:02sPlay Music in pop-up window
Somewhere Over the RainbowEva CassidyThe song's plaintive melody and simple lyrics depict a pre-adolescent girl's desire to escape from the "hopeless jumble" of this world, from the sadness of raindrops to the bright new world "over the rainbow." It expresses the childlike faith that a door will magically be opened to a place where "troubles melt like lemon-drops".4m:59sPlay Music in pop-up window
Aliens ExistBlink 182Expression of belief in aliens.3m:13sPlay Music in pop-up window
FlyHilary Duff4m:00sPlay Music in pop-up window
I GrievePeter GabrielGabriel wrote this about love extending beyond death.7m:24sPlay Music in pop-up window
I want to live forever (remember my name)Fame

This song links to ideas of life after death, immortality, legacy and memory.

3m:52sPlay Music in new browser window